Investing for growth across the Games Industry


PlayFund is an award winning* hybrid S/EIS fund that takes advantage of the rapidly growing video game market by investing in an exciting pipeline of game companies.

Driven by the astonishing proliferation of smartphones and tablets, the games app market is the fastest-growing of the global entertainment industry.

With over 2 billion players worldwide, the trend is for more people to play games, and for those people to spend more money in games. This makes investment in this market, through the right product, compelling.

We believe that product is PlayFund.



PlayFund brings together game industry experts to seek out the rising stars of the UK games industry.

We filter through hundreds of business submissions to short list 20-30 companies for due diligence and invest in 10.

Following investment we mentor the companies to maximise their commercial potential, develop a strong 3-year roadmap and ensure the business is built for success.



Harvey Elliott
Investment Director of PlayFund

Harvey is an industry leader whose 20 year career spans EA, Acclaim Entertainment and Marmalade, where he led two successful capital raises. As VP, General Manager at EA he oversaw the development of key franchises such as Harry Potter and Hasbro. Having recently finished his 4 year tenure as Chair of the BAFTA Games Committee, Harvey’s extensive experience has led him to found a new games publisher and become Investment Director of PlayFund.

Marco Baccanello
PlayFund Development Director

Marco brings a wealth of corporate finance, investment and operational expertise to PlayFund, drawing on his experience in the financial services and games and technology sectors. He spent over 10 years with PwC in London, Johannesburg and Silicon Valley, working on a wide range of businesses, advising on capital raising, investment and growth strategies.

Jasper Smith
Executive Chairman

Jasper, a seasoned entrepreneur, is the founder or chairman of a number of companies including PlayStack, Arksen, General Media Ventures and General Investment Partners. During a career spanning 30 years he has established a range of innovative games and media businesses and led successful exits totalling £100m.

Rob Crossley
PlayFund Game Discovery Director 

Rob is an industry-savvy games expert whose decade in journalism has given him an instinctual understanding of what will resonate with the public and what will generate the most revenue. In his previous role as Head of Games at the nonprofit Creative England, he put together several six-figure investment deals for some of today’s most promising games.

Ray Maguire
Independent Consultant, Investment Committee

Ray was Senior VP of Europe for Sony for 18 years, and is credited with helping to establish the PlayStation brand across the region. He is extremely consumer focused and has built and maintained a reputation as one of the game industry’s most respected senior figures. Since leaving Sony he has served as CEO and consultant at several digital businesses.



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